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College is expensive and as tuition costs continue to rise, more and more parents are unable to save up enough money for their children’s education funds, especially if there is more than one child in the family entering college.

When parents are unable to pay for college for their children, they can take out a federal Parent PLUS loan through the government to help offset some of the financial costs their child will incur. Loans such as the Parent PLUS are designed to provide parents with a way to help their children in financing their educations.

Below, we will go through what exactly a Parent PLUS loan is and what you should know about it.

How Do I Qualify for a Parent PLUS Loan

You will need to qualify to receive a Parent PLUS loan and in order to receive one, you will have to apply for it. Another thing to keep in mind is that a Parent PLUS loan is in your name and cannot be transferred to the student besides through refinancing it with a private lender. You can learn more about how you can refinance student loans here.

To be eligible to receive the loan, you must be either the biological or adoptive parent(s) of the student. Stepparent’s also qualify as a parent in the case of eligibility for the loan. The student must be a dependent student and attend school at least half-time, which is typically six credit hours. The school that the child attends must offer the Direct Loan, also called Stafford, Program as well.

In addition, all parent borrowers MUST have good credit histories and there cannot be any adverse marks on their credit reports. The loan provider will run a credit check on the parent borrower, so it is important to know whether or not you meet the credit requirements.

If for some reason you do have adverse credit and you are denied the loan because of it, you can qualify with a cosigner who has good credit history. Also, keep in mind that it is not always impossible to obtain a Parent PLUS loan with adverse credit, and sometimes, loan providers will accept your application if the adverse history is old enough or if there are circumstances that warrant the situation ally bank car loan

Can You Refinance Parent PLUS Loans

Sign a Master Promissory Note (MPN)

The Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan is available to parents (eligible parents include the stepparent, if listed on the FAFSA, the biological, or adoptive parents) of dependent undergraduate students to assist in supporting their financial aid award. The loan can be used to cover educational expenses not met by the student’s other financial aid awards prosper personal loans review

PLUS Loans Federal Student Aid

Parent Plus:

I am currently a senior in High School and planning on going to university here in Texas for the fall/spring 2018/19 semester. When I applied for financial aid through FAFSA I was not able to get enough aid and loans to cover for tuition, room board and miscellaneous things that the financial aid letter calculated for me. This is about 17 thousand dollars a year (For four years) that I need to borrow. I told my dad that if I were to take out these loans that his name would be technically what the loan will be under and he said its perfectly fine (He has great credit). I was wondering if the best course of action would be Parent Plus loans or some kind of private loans for the rest of the money. I had only heard about Parent Plus Loans from counselors but I do not know how to apply for them or how they work. Will I need to apply for them separately from my FAFSA Where do I apply for them When will the Parent Plus Loans start taking applications I had also heard that if I get parent plus loans that the repayment period begins as soon as I get the money, is there a way to start some kind of deferment with the loan or am I stuck paying immediately What are the requirements to deferment that I need to take Also any tips on how to pay for college would be amazing.

I am getting all my knowledge from my school website: class="s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP">TL:DR questions

Should I even get Parent Plus Loans or should I just get some private loans to cover the four year cost

Will I need to apply for them separately from my FAFSA

Where do I apply for them

When will the Parent Plus Loans start taking applications

Is the repayment immediate If so would I be able to defer it till I am out of college/graduated What are the requirements to defer

Will I need to reapply every single year

For my Texas residents:

I just found out about College access loans, which is a loan specifically for Texas residents and I see that it has the same general requirements of a cosigner and the same amount of as much as tuition and fees. If I apply for this loan will it be better that Parent Plus considering it has a lower interest rate 6 401k loan interest6% versus 7%

I am getting all my knowledge from my school website: class="s90z9tc-10 fHRkcP">TL:DR questions

Is this Loan directly from a private company or from a government agency

Will I need to reapply every single year

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Not paying Parent PLUS loans : StudentLoans -

Posted by1 month ago

My understanding of a parent plus loan is that it is in my moms name and it’s her responsibility (Correct me if I’m wrong) so assuming she doesn’t care about her credit because she’s older and doesn’t have any needs lic home loan calculator What would the repercussions we would face if I didn’t pay them


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Posted by1 year ago

So, my mother took out around 36k in parent plus loans with the intention that I will help pay them back, which I plan to. She currently has them on deferment while I'm in grad school.

The thing is, my dad got sick and can no longer work (end stages of cancer), and my mom due to her own foolish choices lost her job and works a part time $15 an hour job midwest title loans indianapolis

My question is, if she consolidates the parent plus loan and chooses an ICR plan, and only makes 15k a year on top of being the beneficiary to my dad's retirement savings, her own retirement savings, and around 1k a year from her pension she got to keep from the job she lost, would I only have to pay her around ~$50 a month for 25 years and get the rest of the loan forgiven

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