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Our loans are designed with our customers in mind– affordable weekly repayments collected by your agent at a time that suits you.

We are one of the largest home credit providers in the UK and pride ourselves on our friendly, personal service.

Find out more about doorstep loans refinance house loans

Doorstep Loans Morses Club

Your friendly local agent will visit your home, help you work out what you can afford and deliver a cash loan of up to £750, subject to affordability. They'll pop back each week to make repayment collections.

Because we get to know you, we're able to treat you like a person instead of a number. As a result, we can often say 'yes' where others say 'no' and then help you choose a loan to suit your individual circumstances.

As a responsible lender with no hidden or additional charges. Even if your circumstances change, we’ll always listen and won’t charge you more cash day fast loan loan loan pay payday quick

Small Personal Loans Brough East Yorkshire

Doorstep loans are small unsecured cash loans organised on a face to face basis with people working for well-known specialist companies. Who are the UK's main doorstep lenders

Why Consider a Doorstep Loan

There are a number of alternatives if you need a cash loan, so what is it about doorstep loans that might make these your cash loans of choice

Our Doorstep Lenders Loan Companies

Doorstep lenders work on a local, regional or national UK basis. So, depending on where you live you will have a range of lenders available to you.

However, we have chosen to work with two national UK companies who both have very strong reputations built over decades - Provident has been in business for over 130 years, and Morses Club for many, many decades! So you can be sure that you are dealing with reputable companies who you can trust.

We are confident that Provident and Morses Club are the most trusted and respected home credit lenders in the UK. You can trust their team members and agents to be friendly, polite and understanding when they visit you face to face at your home. And you can trust these companies to offer a great service at a very competitive rate.

Both lenders have customer satisfaction in the region of 92% to 97% - we think that says volumes about the quality of their service!

You must take great care when looking for a doorstep lender who works in your area. You do not want to expose yourself to so-called loan sharks - unscrupulous people who are not licensed to lend money and who will charge extortionate interest rates that will drive you into insurmountable debt. Don't take such a risk. Make sure you stay safe by dealing with our trusted doorstep lender partners.

If you have questions about doorstep loans (also known as home credit) check out our FAQ section.

List of Doorstep Lenders like Provident in the UK

If you can't find your town listed below then another option is to use the website listed beneath the list. Simply pop in your postcode and see which companies are listed for you.

As we mentioned above we would strongly recommend that you get competitive quotes from our trusted lenders. They have the resources to ensure a high quality customer service (they've both been around for 100 years) while being able to provide the same local service you need.

Loans to your Door when Cash is Tight

Doorstep loans are used most often for unplanned expenditure - e.g. your washing machine breaks down or your car fails its MOT. Most people don't have savings to fall back on and only half of people who use home credit are full time or part time employed. So, the lenders we work with will consider applications from people who are unemployed but have another form of income - e.g. people on benefits or living on a pension. Each applicant is assessed on a case by case basis with particular attention paid to where their income comes from.

Lenders and Agents/Team Members cover the UK

Our lenders cover approximately 90% of UK post codes using thousands of agents/team members to distribute and manage door to door loans. So you are almost certainly going to be living in our lenders' catchment area. And if you live in a city - e.g. London, Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast, Liverpool, Nottingham, Birmingham, Bolton, Hull, Grimsby, Middlesbrough Blackpool - then chance of getting a doorstep loan is even greater.

Compare the price of home collected and other cash loans available in your area at

To operate this service we receive a commission from the provider we refer you to.

Online Service

When it comes to getting you your doorstep loan our online service is second to none. In fact has scored 4.6 out of 5 based on 203 ratings 21 user reviews for its doorstep loan service.

Used our website Write your review now loan amortization table

Home Collected Credit - Doorstep Loans UK Home Collected .

I am happy with the products I receive from CLC. I am also happy with the agent.

I have no problems with this company like I have had with other companies in the past. I find them professional, trustworthy and reliable.

CLC – simply the best. Great company to be with.

Jackie, my agent, is always a pleasure to see and the service she provides gives me a stress free Christmas and if I need anything she is always there. Jackie is an extension of my family.

I am completely happy with the services I receive from CLC Finance, we feel like our agent is part of the family and are always assured that if we are in financial difficulties CLC are only a phone call away to help without making my finances worse.

I have traded with CLC for over three years and I always find them very efficient. The agent I have is very good and always friendly.

The service is excellent and I found the office staff and the agent to be very friendly and helpful.

Denise, my agent, has looked after me for the last 6 years. I am very pleased with the services CLC Finance have provided.

Mrs Bassett , Allerton Bywater

Since joining CLC I have found them to be very good and provide excellent service. The agents are very polite and friendly and I would highly recommend them to anyone.

Lisa, Beighton, Sheffield

I always know that I can rely on CLC for my holiday money and always find them to be friendly and helpful.

CLC Finance is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FCA Licence Number 702904. For more information visit cash loans in katy txuk

Doorstep Loans 100 - 1 000 What Are Doorstep Loans .

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