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This holiday season Google is giving Google-listed U.S. business owners a gift that keeps giving. It’s called the #SmallThanks campaign.

The original concept of #SmallThanks was an idea piloted in only a few select cities – Dallas, Oakland, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh. After the overwhelming success and demand of the concept, Google announced this week that the #SmallThanks program would go ahead nationwide.

Google, a California-based tech giant parented by the conglomerate Alphabet, will be encouraging customers to be online advocates for their favorite small businesses during the holidays. The customer should type #SmallThanks into a review and leave a stand-out positive message for all their favorite local small businesses, or as Google Marketing calls it – a digital thank you card. Bayrock

On the business side, Google will provide free marketing tools to small business owners who have claimed their business on Google Business’s webpage.

The business owner will go to the #SmallThanksWithGoogle webpage to search and select their already claimed business. After finding their business, the user will be able to see an array of marketing materials to choose from that can be customized on design and layout and then downloaded to a ZIP file and printed for promotional purposes.

There’s also an option to share the customized images to social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Google’s machine learning technology will provide the business owner with several options of key phrases and sentences that it pulls from positive reviews left by customers on websites related to the business. The business owner is left to customize the layout and overall look and display and share it how they see fit.

The idea is turn the ‘local love’ a business receives from its patrons, such as “my first and last stop” in a coffeehouse review or “died and gone to burger heaven” into a poster, window cling, table topper, sticker, or social media image that the business can use to promote, advertise, and encourage more patrons to follow the review bandwagon.

Google’s Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Gevelber, points out that 71% of consumers are more likely to use a business with positive reviews on their website and that listings have a 360% higher click rate when it has positive reviews TevfikArifBayrock. She also notes that reviews are often the first thing consumers look at in the search results for local businesses.

While Google’s #SmallThanks campaign is a simple idea, Gevelber’s point that positive reviews can often make the difference when a consumer is trying to decide between business options is indeed a powerful one.

Gevelber also reminds business owners that some customers often forget to leave companies a review and don’t realize the big impact a small thanks can have on a business. The #SmallThanks free marketing materials enable a business to grab the customer’s attention and encourages more reviews when the customer sees a window sign, table topper, or social media post with other patron’s positivity on full display.

As of now, it appears that the #SmallThanks program will only be available through the holidays. However, an official end date has not been announced by Google.

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While an MCA might make sense for a business that needs cash quickly to take advantage of a short-term opportunity, it’s critical to make sure the costs of the merchant cash advance otherwise make financial sense for the business. Because qualifying criteria is much less stringent than traditional small business lenders, an MCA comes with a premium cost. Nevertheless, there are business owners who successfully use this option to access capital for their businesses.

NOTE: Because a merchant cash advance is not a loan and providers do not report your payment history to the business credit bureaus, it does not help build or strengthen a business credit profile. Additionally, because rates vary from provider to provider, and can be much higher than other types of financing, it’s important to understand all the terms before signing on the dotted line.

Is There an Alternative to a Merchant Cash Advance

The short answer is yes. Many small business owners find a short-term loan to be an alternative. And, with a strong credit profile, others are able to leverage a business line of credit to meet short-term needs for additional cash flow.

A short-term loan from OnDeck, for example, could have a term as short as a few months and offer terms more familiar to a small business borrower. Depending upon the nature of the loan, periodic payments will be either daily or weekly, allowing the small business owner to spread the burden of debt service throughout the month, rather than requiring one larger payment at the end of the month.

OnDeck also reports your good credit history to the appropriate business credit bureaus, so may even help strengthen your business credit profile reputable payday loan companies

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In 2012, my cousin Zach, a thriving entrepreneur based out of Ohio, set out to look for a loan to open up his third restaurant. His company, Fusian, was expanding and he wanted financing to make it happen faster. But in no time, he was turned away from several banks.

When he told me this, I had this moment of shock. If Zach struggled to get a loan for his wonderfully successful business, what small business owner could Turns out banks were and are failing to meet business owner’s demand for credit. In fact, less than 20% of entrepreneurs get the capital they need from banks.

Intrigued, I decided to see what “non-bank” options were out there and quickly became overwhelmed. Just Google “small business loans” and you’ll see what I mean. Every lender has the same value prop. But what types of products are they offering Who is offering the best rates Who will work with my specific business

In 2014, we launched Fundera to change this. Now, business owners can apply to dozens of the best online lenders with just one application. Throughout the process, they work with our team, ensuring they understand the products that best fit them based on their financial qualifications and use case. And with a marketplace that umbrellas the industry, business owners can walk away knowing they’ve received the best rate out there.

At Fundera, we put education first. Our bird’s-eye view gives us unique perspective of the industry, and that view is one we want to share with business owners. We’re furthering our pledge to education with this column. I’ll take all the incredible information we learn from our lenders, from our business owners, from industry leaders, and transpose it so it helps other business owners start their financing search with buying power. You’ll know what’s out there, what to expect, and what to watch out for.

To kick things off, let’s talk about one of the hottest topics in the industry—cash advance loans.

Cash advance loans, also known as merchant cash advances, are the product that birthed the online lending industry. A solution for business owners that needed cash but weren’t able to get approved by the bank, MCAs provided business owners with cash, which would be paid back (along with fees), from a set percent of their daily credit card sales.

For businesses who were used to being told “No” when they needed financing, MCAs were revolutionary.

However, it wasn’t long before lenders saw the hesitancy from businesses to change their payment processors (which many MCA companies require). Not to mention, the direct pull from daily sales was discouraging for these hard-working entrepreneurs. They’d slave for hours to make those sales to then see a significant portion of them gobbled up every day.

With time, this led to the development of the short-term loan product, term loans 3 to 18 months in length, repaid daily through ACH debits out of a business bank account. While it still hits the business owner every business day, not having to change payment processors and pulling a percentage of daily sales made the product easier to sell. What we’ve seen take course as the two products continue to differentiate themselves is that short-term loans have also become less expensive than MCAs.

Together, MCAs and short-term loans make up a good portion, if not majority of the loans available online. But they can be very dangerous products if not approached wisely and used properly. Here are 3 things to watch out for when it comes to these shorter-term loan products:

I’ve said it a few times already, but it’s important to emphasize: cash advance loans are extremely expensive. And while shorter-term loans can be more affordable, they themselves can also be shockingly pricey. That’s why you need to think twice before taking on this type of debt.

If you are looking for financing for a revenue-generating opportunity, this makes a lot more sense, assuming you’ll be making more off the opportunity than the cost of the financing. But if you’re looking because you’re in a cash crunch, tread carefully. While this may be all you can qualify for, do you have a clear plan for how you’ll pay it back It might be best to explore other ways to get your business back on better financial footing.

If you’re evaluating a cash advance option or even a shorter-term loan, keep these things in mind. Always start your financing search early, so you’re not backed into a loan product for the sake of time. Shop around, think thoughtfully about how it will be repaid, and make sure the payment structure makes sense for your own business model title loans without a clear title Your business, and your bank account, will be better for it in the end

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oklahoma payday loans :: Cash advance can be given based on your monthly wages. You can get about 0 to ,500 for your cash advance especially if your salary is up to it. The cash advance companies won't like to give you more than you can repay at the end of the day. You can apply for a particular amount from cash advance loan and get it if you can boast of a monthly wage worth what you are applying for. Get to understand your state's laws regarding payday loans before you take any. If you are applying for payday loan, make sure you have a clear understanding about what the law says about it. As far as the law is concerned, remember that �ignorance of the law is no excuse�. With advance payday loan, there are always states' laws which you must understand before going ahead to apply. A minimum of ,000 a month as your wage and a regular job that is not less than 90 days include the most important factors that will determine whether you get bad credit cash advance or not. This is usually because the cash advance companies want to be sure you can repay the loan at the end of the day or not. I wonder how life would have been without cash advance or payday loans. Imagine having to wait until payday to handle a very pressing financial problem. What if the problem is one of health that just can't wait What if it's a problem with your car that has broken down and you need money urgently to fix it Thankfully, with cash advance, you can get the cash you need to solve your pressing problems. The law requires that loan companies include fees for late charges and every other needs on their contract agreement. Before you accept any advance loan, ensure that you understand clearly the contract-agreement before signing. Signing for a loan you will not be comfortable with will be a big disadvantage to you; thus you must check the document and terms of agreement very well before signing.

If you aren't satisfied with the terms of the cash advance company, don't go ahead to get the loan from them. With the fact that there are now many cash advance companies around, you don't have to be forced to any unfavorable terms by any cash advance company. If any doesn't play ball as you want, check up on another. - oklahoma payday loans

Any time you need a little extra cash, you can turn to a fast payday or cash advance loan. Of course you want to make certain that you have a job that can conveniently pay the loan back, and with interest. Also you want to know that when you pay back it does not break your back.Applying for a fast loan is not exactly a bad thing. The bad part is doing so when you have no idea how you will make the payback. Any self-respecting fast loan company will throw out your application without taking a second glance at it if there's no indication of how you will pay back the loan. During those tough times that you know come about from time to time, you never have to sit back and take things like that. You can simply up and get you a fast loan from any of the fast loan facilities all over the place. You can even do it on the internet� if you know how to. With the Internet of course, you have to be very careful so that you don't fall victim of fast payday or cash advance scammers online.Fast loans are short term, and you should know that. As a result, they attract sizeable interest, and since the lender never takes collateral, they are usually very terse about getting their money back. These are some things you need to keep in mind before approaching them. Yes, you need a job before you can apply for a fast loan. In the United States, you also need to be over 18 years old. Various countries have various points at which you are considered an adult, but you do have to be an adult before you can do that kind of business transaction.You might do well to avoid cash lenders that check credit history. This is particularly applicable to you when you have a history of faulting on your payments. Some of them can proceed to give you the credit, but then they could charge you exorbitantly in interest.You could be doing yourself a favor by getting yourself a fast loan, however, you'd be better off if you read terms and conditions of the transaction before you agree to take the money. It is understandable that you need the money, but it is not forgivable that you get yourself into a deeper mess.

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Subject to state regulations, eligibility, credit check, underwriting and approval. Rates, terms and conditions apply. Installment title loans subject to minimum auto value requirements. See associate for details. Lending decisions and funding times subject to system limitations. Some applications may require additional verification, which can delay the lending decision. Same day funding only available for Opt cardholders and in-store pickup.

NOTICE: The Federal Equal Credit Opportunity Act prohibits creditors from discriminating against credit applicants on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, age (provided the applicant has the capacity to enter into a binding contract); because all or part of the applicant's income derives from any public assistance program; or because the applicant has in good faith exercised any right under the Consumer Credit Protection Act. The Federal agency that administers compliance with this law concerning this creditor is the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, 1700 G Street NW, Washington DC 20006 and the Federal Trade Commission, Equal Credit Opportunity, Washington DC 20580.

California: Speedy Cash is licensed by the California Department of Business Oversight pursuant to the California Deferred Deposit Transaction Law. California loans other than deferred deposit loans are issued pursuant to the California Financing Law. Installment Title Loans subject to minimum auto value requirements.

Nevada: The use of check-cashing services, deferred deposit loan services, high-interest loan services or title loan services should be used for short-term financial needs only and not as a long-term financial solution. Customers with credit difficulties should seek credit counseling before entering into any loan transaction.

New Mexico: Speedy Cash is licensed and regulated by the New Mexico Regulation and Licensing Department, Financial Institutions Division, P.O. Box 25101, 2550 Cerrillos Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87504. To report any unresolved problems or complaints, contact the division by telephone at (505) 476-4885 or visit the website

Ohio: SCIL, Inc. dba Speedy Cash, is a registered Ohio Credit Services Organization (CS.900174.000) operating pursuant to the Ohio Credit Services Organization Act. The actual lender is an unaffiliated third party. The Ohio laws against discrimination require that all creditors make credit equally available to all credit worthy customers, and that credit reporting agencies maintain separate credit histories on each individual upon request. The Ohio civil rights commission administers compliance with this law.

Tennessee: The State of Tennessee requires a minimum principal reduction. In order to comply with the minimum state-required principal reduction, Speedy Cash requires that minimum payments include a principal reduction of 2% or $2.50 for Customers who get paid bi-weekly/twice-a-month, or 4% or $5 for Customers who get paid monthly, whichever is greater.

Texas: Speedy Cash operates as a Registered Credit Access Business (CAB). The actual Lender is an unaffiliated third party. Speedy Cash engages in the money transmission business as an authorized delegate of Western Union Financial Services, Inc. under Chapter 151 of the Texas Finance Code. Speedy Cash engages in the money transmission and/or currency exchange business as an authorized delegate of MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc. and Western Union Financial Services under Chapter 151 of the Texas Finance Code.

Opt : This card is issued by Axiom Bank or Metropolitan Commercial Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa. Visa is a registered trademark of Visa USA Inc. All trademarks and service marks are property of their respective owners. ATM: Free withdrawals at any Speedy Cash or Rapid Cash location. Transaction fees will apply for all other ATMs. No charge loads/unloads at Speedy Cash and Rapid Cash locations only.

Google Play is a trademark of Google Inc. Apple and the Apple logo are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Data rates may apply.

Customer Notice:
There are a wide variety of loan products available in the marketplace, so your choice of lending products should match your financial needs. Small-dollar loans used over a long period of time can be expensive paying off student loan debt

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