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This holiday season Google is giving Google-listed U.S. business owners a gift that keeps giving. It’s called the #SmallThanks campaign.

The original concept of #SmallThanks was an idea piloted in only a few select cities – Dallas, Oakland, Phoenix, and Pittsburgh. After the overwhelming success and demand of the concept, Google announced this week that the #SmallThanks program would go ahead nationwide.

Google, a California-based tech giant parented by the conglomerate Alphabet, will be encouraging customers to be online advocates for their favorite small businesses during the holidays. The customer should type #SmallThanks into a review and leave a stand-out positive message for all their favorite local small businesses, or as Google Marketing calls it – a digital thank you card. Bayrock

On the business side, Google will provide free marketing tools to small business owners who have claimed their business on Google Business’s webpage.

The business owner will go to the #SmallThanksWithGoogle webpage to search and select their already claimed business. After finding their business, the user will be able to see an array of marketing materials to choose from that can be customized on design and layout and then downloaded to a ZIP file and printed for promotional purposes.

There’s also an option to share the customized images to social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Google’s machine learning technology will provide the business owner with several options of key phrases and sentences that it pulls from positive reviews left by customers on websites related to the business. The business owner is left to customize the layout and overall look and display and share it how they see fit.

The idea is turn the ‘local love’ a business receives from its patrons, such as “my first and last stop” in a coffeehouse review or “died and gone to burger heaven” into a poster, window cling, table topper, sticker, or social media image that the business can use to promote, advertise, and encourage more patrons to follow the review bandwagon.

Google’s Vice President of Marketing, Lisa Gevelber, points out that 71% of consumers are more likely to use a business with positive reviews on their website and that listings have a 360% higher click rate when it has positive reviews TevfikArifBayrock. She also notes that reviews are often the first thing consumers look at in the search results for local businesses.

While Google’s #SmallThanks campaign is a simple idea, Gevelber’s point that positive reviews can often make the difference when a consumer is trying to decide between business options is indeed a powerful one.

Gevelber also reminds business owners that some customers often forget to leave companies a review and don’t realize the big impact a small thanks can have on a business. The #SmallThanks free marketing materials enable a business to grab the customer’s attention and encourages more reviews when the customer sees a window sign, table topper, or social media post with other patron’s positivity on full display.

As of now, it appears that the #SmallThanks program will only be available through the holidays. However, an official end date has not been announced by Google.

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Discount Advances - Online Payday Loans Installment .

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While an MCA might make sense for a business that needs cash quickly to take advantage of a short-term opportunity, it’s critical to make sure the costs of the merchant cash advance otherwise make financial sense for the business. Because qualifying criteria is much less stringent than traditional small business lenders, an MCA comes with a premium cost. Nevertheless, there are business owners who successfully use this option to access capital for their businesses.

NOTE: Because a merchant cash advance is not a loan and providers do not report your payment history to the business credit bureaus, it does not help build or strengthen a business credit profile. Additionally, because rates vary from provider to provider, and can be much higher than other types of financing, it’s important to understand all the terms before signing on the dotted line.

Is There an Alternative to a Merchant Cash Advance

The short answer is yes. Many small business owners find a short-term loan to be an alternative. And, with a strong credit profile, others are able to leverage a business line of credit to meet short-term needs for additional cash flow.

A short-term loan from OnDeck, for example, could have a term as short as a few months and offer terms more familiar to a small business borrower. Depending upon the nature of the loan, periodic payments will be either daily or weekly, allowing the small business owner to spread the burden of debt service throughout the month, rather than requiring one larger payment at the end of the month.

OnDeck also reports your good credit history to the appropriate business credit bureaus, so may even help strengthen your business credit profile student loan forgiveness nonprofit

What are the benefits of a cash advance loan

Anyone can have financial urgency to address the urgent obligations in businesses. Getting instant cash advance loans from commercial bank is impossible as they require complicated formalities and it takes minimum ten to thirty days to get the advance sanctioned. In such critical situations business cash advance loans is the viable option. It works as life saver helps you to maintain your creditability in the market. If you are stuck up in any of the urgency which cannot be avoided then getting a cash advance is not a problem. Rather it is relatively very easy these days.

Martin opened his dream retail cloth store over a year ago. He has a store of its own kind and soon his business flourished. He decided to add a few more items in his already running business in order to meet the demands of its existing customers. He was all set to give anew turn to his business. He needed instant cash advance loans to buy new items for the coming Christmas. He searched the market and found if he applied through commercial banks it would be difficult to get cash advance within the time frame he needed.

Then he decided business cash advance loans would be lucrative route both for him and his business. While he was in his research of finding the suitable money lender in the market, he was amazed to see the plenty of money lenders online. Finally he ended up getting loan from FundFactor, a reliable online money lending company. He was able to receive his much needed cash within 24 hours he applied for a loan. Here are the benefits of instant cash advance loan according to Martin;

You will not be charged with additional costs upon approval of cash advance. So before selecting a cash advance make sure that there will be no closing costs in addition to the fee for the cash advance. Amount of credit card sales that your business processes each month can be one of the factors that determine which lender you can receive a merchant cash advance from. Your money lender will require you to submit a certain amount of your business’ most recent, credit card statements. Often, you will be asked to submit three to six months of credit card statements, giving lenders an idea of your average monthly income.

You can be approved for an Instant Cash Advance the moment you submit your application. After reviewing application you can get the money in your bank account by the next business day or sooner. Money lenders understand the urgency of paying your bills sometimes means a race against the clock. It lets you pay your bills on time and thus save you paying expensive late fees.

Those having ad credit, no credit, or have filed for bankruptcy are also eligible for loan. Your bad credit history will not affect your approval status for an Instant Cash Advance.

So go on with your business expansion plans and need not worry about your instant cash advance loans or Business Cash Advance student loan amortization schedule

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