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With Capitec Bank, you can choose the terms that suit you and get a personalised credit plan of up to R250 000 in cash over one to 84 months. Dependent on your affordability and credit profile, the money will be available in your account immediately after approval. You have fixed monthly repayments, as well as free retrenchment and death cover.

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How Capitec Became South Africa’s Biggest Bank

Many lenders, such as Capitec, FNB, Standard Bank etc. offer unsecured loans to consumers who have good credit profiles, who they trust to repay them. If you don’t have any savings, these unsecured loans are a quick financial solution you can use in an emergency.

The biggest advantages of these loans are their speed and convenience. Provided you maintain your excellent credit profile and always make timely repayments, of course. On the other hand, these loans also have quite a few disadvantages, especially for people struggling financially.

As a rule, lenders i.e. Wonga, Loans Direct, Capitec Bank etc. charge much higher interest rates for these loans. They are riskier to lenders because they aren’t secured with assets, in case you fail to repay them.

Lenders, e.g. African Bank, Old Mutual, Capitec Bank etc. usually only offer small amounts for this variety of loans. Once again, this is because of the risk that these loans pose to the lender. The borrower does not put up any collateral; in case they fall into arrears or default on their financial obligations, leaving the lender in the lurch.

Similarly, due to the increased risk involved with granting these unsecured loans, lenders, for example, Rainfin, Lendico, Capitec Bank etc. will only allow you a short period of time to repay them the total amount owed.

Lenders like, say, Nedbank, Capitec Bank, Absa etc. will then cap the repayment term or deadline to 3 or 4 years. Whereas, if these loans were secured with assets, you would have 10 to 15 years to repay them off in full.

It is very telling that you have not managed to build up any savings and urgently need loans. Given the tough economic outlook, it is essential that South African consumers budget for unexpected problems that don’t require taking on more debt.

Imagine if another financial crisis were to strike. You would be even less equipped to solve the problem because of the repayments you have to make. The better option is to approach National Debt Advisors for a debt relief alternative. Please send us your contact details for a same-day free call back cash loans to your door pay weekly

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Capitec Bank is now Offering More Than South Africa’s Big Four

Personal loans are a brilliant financial solution to enable you to make changes in your life and make your dreams come true.

Capitec is now offering as much as R230 000 for an unsecured loan which is quite a lot more than South Africa’s big four financial houses. Capitec has increased its unsecured loans from R150 000 to R230 000 so that it customers and clients can get the money they need (and want) to put the proverbial icing back on the cake.

It is hoped that the branches in higher earning areas will bring Capitec a lot closer to the goal where clients are able to afford the repayments on these loans.

If someone wants to buy an expensive car or would like to go on a memorable trip costing in the region of a million, and if they are able to make the repayments – why ever not

Fast facts about Capitec personal loans:

Apply online today for a Capitec personal loan to make a difference and change your life. Contact us to find out more about personal loans offered by Capitec out of state cash loans

Virgin Money Personalised Loans R250 000 over 1 - 84.

Get up to R 230,000 personal credit with Capitec Bank. Capitec Bank offers its customers who are on its Global One product to apply for a personal loan of up to R 230,000 and pay it off in 84 months. You can get a loan within 20 minutes of application. The bank will also contact you to tell you whether you have been approved or declined for the personal loan.

What do you get with this

Capitec bank also prides itself on being transparent and they publish how much you will pay for their loans. Here is a list of examples of loan repayments: bbt online mortgage paymentza/personal-banking/credit/rates

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African Bank personal loans aim to give you the flexibility to tailor make loans to support the life style you desire.

The long term personal loan option give you up to R180,000 with comfortable terms of up to 84 months to repay. Or, if you prefer, a shorter term solution, you can get loans from R1,000 to R10,000 and payment terms between 3 to 12 months, so you can deal with life’s unplanned expenses!

African Bank handles applications online via their platform which will ensure that you will get a response on your application immediately. Unlike other personal loans, you will be able to slect how you want to handle the repayments on the loan – either via a monthly direct debit or deducted directly from your salary which saves you the costs of the debit order guaranteed motorcycle loans



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